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Why use Floppy Eared Puppy to Search eBay?

eBay has a lot of great stuff for sale, but their search functionality often leaves something to be desired. We got tired of using eBay's cluttered, slow, hard-to-use search, and decided to use the programming interface offered by eBay to build our own advanced eBay search. We like our search better, and we think you will too.

  1. For one thing, Floppy Eared Puppy isn't loaded down with lots of third-party ads. The Puppy is designed to be lean and fast, not cluttered and slow.
  2. Second, we re-display the complete search form at the bottom of every search results page, with all of your prior choices intact, to allow you to easily refine or modify your original search. No time wasted clicking back to the search form and waiting for a slow page to load, only to discover that all your search criteria have to be entered all over again.
  3. Third, we made it easy to make your way up and down eBay's category tree, easily going from one category to another, and letting you see at a glance all the subcategories of the category that is currently selected. If you've done a search for something in one category, and you want to perform the same search in a different category, simply scroll down to the search form directly on your search results page, and change categories. It's as easy as that!
  4. Fourth, we made it easier to use the search refinement options known as "item specifics." Those are things like sizes, brands, and other common features for similar items that appear in the left-hand sidebar in searches. eBay has been moving toward more and more reliance on those item specifics, but eBay makes it difficult to refine your search using item specifics. They hide away many of your options, and they force a page reload with every choice you make. eBay's item specifics have little checkbox-looking widgets to make your choices, but they act like links and reload the entire slow page every time you check one. We get annoyed by that behavior. The Puppy displays all the item specifics for a given category, and a checkbox acts like a checkbox. You can check all the boxes you want, and nothing happens until you submit your search.
  5. Fifth, we make it easy to use eBay's advanced search syntax. You can search for all words, any words, words as a phrase, and exclude words simply by putting your search words in the appropriate boxes. No need to learn a complicated advanced search syntax of parentheses, commas, quotation marks, and so forth.
  6. We have more cool enhancements planned for the future, too. Soon you'll be able to save your searches and be notified on a schedule of your choosing when items appear on eBay that match your search criteria. A global "exclude sellers" list is on the agenda, too, so that if there are specific sellers that you simply never want to see, you can put them them your global exclude list so that you don't have to wade through their worthless listings to find what you're interested in.